6-8 June 2022 | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Industry Partners

Hort Connections 2021 is the joint industry conference and Trade Show co-produced by AUSVEG and PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited (PMA A-NZ) to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre 7-9 June 2021. The event theme is Celebrating the international year of fruits and vegetables , the event will celebrate the vital role that horticulture has to play in our economic, health and nutritional wellbeing. The below Industry Partners are helping make Hort Connections an event that truly brings together the entire fresh produce supply chain.

The Hort Connections 2021 Industry Partners have contributed to the program by suggesting speakers for this year’s convention, as well as some to host a Hort Connections Shoulder Event. There will be several Shoulder Events held during Hort Connections, in which you are strongly urged to attend your industry Shoulder Event.


  • APEN

  • AuSHS

  • Australian Mango Industry Association

  • Australian Melon Association

  • Australian Organic

  • Berries Australia


  • Greenlife Industry Australia

  • APAL



  • Avocados Australia

  • Global Bio Ag Linkages

  • Growcom

  • Nutrition Australia

  • Onions Australia

  • Protected Cropping Aus

  • United Fresh NZ

  • PMA A-NZ



Providing leadership to support and strengthen Australia’s trade in horticultural produce.


Australasia-Pacific Extension Network Ltd. (APEN), founded in 1993, is the leading organisation for the community of extension practitioners.
Extension is about working with people to enable and facilitate change.
APEN supports networking and professional development within the global extension community, promotes research, theory and the practice of extension and provides an invaluable network and specialised professional development opportunities.


Australian Society of Horticultural Science (AuSHS) was established in 1990 as a professional society for the promotion and enhancement of Australian horticultural science and industry.

Our members represent a cross-section of professionals from research institutions, universities, industry, private citizens and students.

Australian Mango Industry Association

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA)/Australian Mangoes is the peak industry body for the Australian mango industry. We were established in 2000 after mango growers and allied businesses identified the need for a strong and united industry.

Our aim is to represent the interests of our members and promote the growth and development of the industry to ensure its long term sustainability.

Australian Melon Association

Australian Organic

Who is Australian Organic Ltd?
Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is the leading organic industry body representing certifiers and certified operators in Australia. AOL is a not for profit, member owned organisation that advocates on behalf of the certified organic industry by lobbying government and driving awareness.

Established in 1987 and formerly Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA), AOL has been the major force in ensuring organic standards remain robust and are in line with global export markets. Australian Organic owns the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) and license the ‘Bud’ certification logo. The most trusted organic logo in Australia, the ‘Bud’ is recognised by 51% of shoppers and found on over 32,000 products.


What does AOL do?
Australian Organic Limited represents the interests of the organic industry through advocacy and better policymaking. AOL lobbies federal and state government on key policy issues, market access and industry matters to support a prosperous future. In conjunction with driving awareness of certified organics through strategic marketing campaigns and events, providing educational resources, hosting events and forums designed to upskill and add value, AOL also collaborates with Australia’s competition regulator to ensure consumers are getting what they paid for.

Berries Australia

Berries Australia Limited is a joint venture between Australian Blueberry Growers’ Association (ABGA), Strawberries Australia Inc (SAI) and Raspberries and Blackberries Australia Incorporated (RABA). The initiative has resulted in a new proprietary company, limited by guarantee, and managed by a board of directors appointed by the shareholders (ABGA, SAI and RABA).

Berries Australia now represents the single biggest fresh produce line in our supermarkets and our combined value is more than $1 billion. The peak berry industry bodies (ABGA, RABA and SAI) still exist and each has two Directors on the Berries Australia Board, with Peter McPherson as the independent Chair.


The Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries Limited trading as Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) is the national organisation representing each of the six Market Chambers, which themselves are organisations which represent the fruit and vegetable wholesalers located in each of Australia’s six central Markets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle).

In total, the organisation represents in excess of 430 Market wholesaling businesses. Market wholesalers are involved in the sale of some 50-60% of the fresh produce sold across Australia in servicing the requirements of fruit and vegetable retailers, secondary wholesalers/provedores, foodservice industry businesses, processors, exporters and the public. Over 15,000 growers supply to businesses within the Central Market system. The total turnover of businesses in the Central Markets exceeds some $7 billion annually.

Greenlife Industry Australia

Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) is the new national peak industry body that transitioned from Nursery and Garden Industry Australia. GIA represents a diverse range of businesses and organisations that provide products and services for greenlife production; produce, supply and retail greenlife; or promote the benefits of and share greenlife with the community. ‘Greenlife’ means all types of seed, plant, shrub or tree stock including but not limited to propagation plants, seedlings, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, nut trees and vines. The greenlife industry has a ‘nursery gate’ value of $2.44 billion and produces around 1.9 billion plant annually.
For more information please email info@greenlifeindustry.com.au


The Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) was established in 1983 to promote, integrate and foster participation and development at all levels of the packaging and processing machinery industry in Australia.

Incorporated in 1990 the APPMA provides and facilitates a range of industry promotion, marketing, educational and networking forums and support services that enable manufacturers, distributors and importers of packaging and processing machinery to promote their businesses, share industry data and maintain knowledge of the latest industry trends and innovations.

The APPMA members include companies that supply and service machinery across a number of industries including  food, beverage, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, confectionery, bakery and fresh produce.

The APPMA is the proud owner of AUSPACK, Oceania’s premier and Australia’s largest packaging and processing machinery and materials exhibition. The biennial AUSPACK alternates between Melbourne and Sydney and is part of Packaging and Processing Week which also incorporates:-

  • The APPMA Business and Industry Conference
  • APPMA Awards of Excellence to recognise and celebrate achievements within the industry
  • A number of member and industry events including a Gala dinner, networking drinks and topical breakfast sessions

Alongside directly supporting our members and the industry the APPMA also participates in actioning social and environmental challenges including:-

  • Contributions, sponsoring and promoting the Australian food-rescue organisation Foodbank and Ozharvest
  • Participating in the Fight Food Waste CRC which includes a 10-year commitment of financial and in-kind support of research projects with a cumulative objective of delivering a 50% reduction in food waste
  • Providing educational sponsorships


AUSVEG VIC is the Victorian peak representative industry body for vegetable growers which is a membership-based organisation that has been designed to represent all vegetable growers in Victoria. AUSVEG VIC will assist with diverse concerns and interests, whether they be market-related, difficulties with Federal, State or Local Government, or, horticultural matters on your farm.

AUSVEG VIC’s group actions unite growers as a single voice with more influence than any individual could achieve alone. The list of issues confronting growers seems endless, however, AUSVEG VIC exists to assist you where we can, particularly by lobbying the people who can make a difference.

To contact AUSVEG VIC, please call on 03 9882 0277 or email tim.withers@ausveg.com.au

Avocados Australia

Avocados Australia Limited (AAL) is the representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry. We provide a range of services to our members and the broader industry to foster growth and development. We are a not-for-profit with members including avocado growers, associated businesses and industry people.

Avocados Australia works with all parts of the supply chain, from production through to the consumer. By working together, we seek to continually improve our growers’ ability to provide a healthy, profitable and safe product for all consumers. As part of this continual improvement, we work with Hort Innovation to ensure the industry levy funded Research and Development and Marketing programs for the Australian avocado industry are well directed and responsive to industry needs.

Find out more at avocado.org.au or arrange a catch up at Hort Connections 2020.

Global Bio Ag Linkages

BioAg World Congress 2020
An international event by the industry, for the industry! Industry experts, from around the globe, join us to share, collaborate and build up the bioagriculture industry.


Growcom serves and represents Queensland’s fruit, vegetable and nut growers. We strive for the long term growth and success of horticultural farms and the industry as a whole.

Growcom’s members include fruit, vegetable and nut producers along with individuals, organisations and companies who have a stake or interest in the future of Queensland horticulture.

Growcom is the only organisation in Australia to deliver services across the entire horticulture industry – to businesses and organisations of all commodities, sizes and regions, and across the value chain. While we are Queensland-based, we deliver national-scale projects and policy initiatives.

Growcom’s core purpose is to advocate on behalf of our industry members. We are proud to support our growers and their families and to take our industry’s needs to all levels of Government and key players in the supply chain. We also deliver a range of programs, services and opportunities that help businesses and industries achieve greater success.

Nutrition Australia

Nutrition Australia is a non-government, non-profit, community based-organisation with offices throughout Australia. Nutrition Australia is an independent, member organisation that aims to promote the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc was founded in 1979, became incorporated in 1981, and commenced trading as Nutrition Australia in 2001. Nutrition Australia continues the work of the Australian Nutrition Foundation (ANF) as Australia’s peak community nutrition education body, to provide scientifically based nutrition information to encourage all Australians to achieve optimal health through food variety and physical activity.

Members of Nutrition Australia include the general public and some of Australia’s most influential food and nutrition experts, together making Nutrition Australia a key nutrition voice in Australia today.

Nutrition Australia operates through a National Board which is responsible for its policies and national programs. Our divisions respond to local needs and opportunities for nutrition education and health promotion. Nutrition Australia has staff with expertise in a range of disciplines. The range of services offered by Nutrition Australia includes:

  • Provision of the latest information on nutrition research and current food and health trends
  • Coordination of events in the annual National Nutrition Week campaign
  • Facilitation of high-profile seminars for the general public and health professionals
  • Extensive media coverage and public speaking demonstrations
  • Media commentary
  • Food industry consultancies
  • Nutrition training and presentations
  • Menu assessments
  • Provision of products and services to address food and nutrition issues across the lifespan
  • Facilitation of a range of community nutrition education and food preparation programs
  • Facilitation of workplace health and wellbeing programs

Onions Australia

Onions Australia as it is today was originally founded in 1966 as the Australian Onion Coordinating Committee (AOCC).The AOCC was formed to bring all sectors of the then fragmented onion industry together.

It was and still is intended to serve as an umbrella organization covering all those engaged in the onion industry including growers, packers, wholesalers, exporters, retail outlets, R&D bodies and other related industries including packing manufacturers. In 1990 the AOCC went through a period of growth and consolidation. During this process the committee underwent a name change to the Australian Onion Association. In 2004 another name changed occurred, the association becoming known as Onions Australia and with it came the new logo for the industry.

Protected Cropping Aus

Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) is the peak industry body representing commercial hydroponic and greenhouse growers Australia wide.
PCA members also include equipment and installation suppliers, specialist consultants and advisors, researchers and educators.

United Fresh NZ

United Fresh has worked to support and unite the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in New Zealand for close to three decades.

Our membership is diverse and is representative of the entire value-chain, helping to provide interconnectivity throughout. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders within the New Zealand fresh produce industry to ensure the best services are provided and the most relevant projects are undertaken on behalf of members.

Please visit www.unitedfresh.co.nz for more information.


PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited (PMA A-NZ) is the first stand-alone global affiliate of the Produce Marketing Association (PMA Global) – the leading global fresh produce trade association serving member companies around the world and every segment of the fresh produce and floral industries. Being at the forefront of this industry allows us to collaborate with our member community to provide hands-on support and understanding of new Technology and Innovation, Industry Talent, Marketing, Sustainability and Food Safety.


Agripolitical advocacy and representation on behalf of vegetable and potato growers.

Research and Development (R&D) associated services. 

Levy rates. AUSVEG is responsible for establishing the case for a new levy (or adjusting an existing levy), seeking a mandate from growers and making submissions to the Australian Government. AUSVEG is currently responsible for the national vegetable and fresh potato research and development levies.

Levy investment consultation. AUSVEG is involved in the process that provides a recommendation from industry to Hort Innovation on where the vegetable research and development levy and fresh potato research and development levy should be invested.

General consultation. AUSVEG provides representation on behalf of industry for other consultation processes, including regarding issues such as biosecurity incursions.

High quality service provision. AUSVEG delivers national projects in the areas of communication, environmental sustainability, biosecurity, export development and market access on behalf of industry, funded from a wide variety of sources including Government grants, sponsorship and levies.

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